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Hotel Tenner

"Your home away from home"
Palatinate passion for your well-being

Passion, dedication and cordiality

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Family business with heart and soul and love for the profession

We are a cordial host family, already in the third generation, who love dealing with guests. With pleasure in our work, we try to put a smile on our guests faces and make your stay an experience you will remember with pleasure in the future. As a helpful family, we will accompany you through your holiday and try to give you tips for your stay to make your journey a varied one full of facets. 

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Cordiality and helpfulness

We take care of each guest with great pleasure and affection and above all individually. As far as it is possible for us, we try to fulfil your wishes and satisfy you. Through many years of experience we are able to meet all guests in a warm, friendly and helpful manner. Our aim is to win you for further stays in our hotel with ourauthentic and friendly way.

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Personal ambience and aatmosphere to feel good

Appreciation and respectful treatment are important virtues for us, with which we also meet our guests. The rays of the sun in the early morning, the smell of freshlybrewed coffee or the singing of the birds in our garden: We think that the little things in life make us happy! To make our guests feel comfortable, we have furnishedthe rooms with high-quality furniture in oak look. The colours of nature and the vineyards createa harmoniousoverall picture in each of our rooms.

The myth of our magnificent Ginkgos

Again and again we are asked by our guests what kind of exotic tree that is, which towers into the sky in our garden:
This mighty tree is a ginkgo that is more than 200 years old,
also called the millennium tree
Not only its aesthetic beauty, but also its leaves, which shine in a magnificent gold in autumn, give the ginkgo tree its unique splendor. In Asian countries, the tree, which has a history of a million years, is downright mythically revered.

Our hotel was also one of the first in Neustadt and so we enjoy a long history, which we have written together through our cohesion and solidarity.
Ginkgo stands not only for harmony and friendship but also for longevity, strength and adaptability. We have also always remained true to our philosophy and lead the principle of a warm family business. 
In a world that is changing ever faster, we rely on our many years of experience and always have our finger on the pulse of the times, but without following every short-lived trend.

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